Dimlight unveils the vastness of metal at Maximum Rock Festival

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DIMLIGHT is an encyclopedia of metal, in the sense that its unique blend of genres spans a vast spectrum, from the darkest of styles, to the heaviest influences.

The five musicians: Eva (vocals), Peter (guitars, vocals), Nick (guitars), Darien (orchestra composer) and Jim (drums) have crafted a special sonic space, characterized by originality.

Dimlight will perform in Romania for the second time ever, at this year’s edition of Maximum Rock Festival.

We got the chance to share a few thoughts with the band. Read the resulting interview below!

Don’t forget that you can still purchase tickets for Maximum Rock Festival online, from www.ambilet.ro. See you there!

Your latest album, „The Lost Chapter”, has received amazing reviews internationally. Did you expect such a great feedback?
First of all we would like to thank you for this interview! It’s always nice to know that people like your music. It’s a form of acceptance – they understand and take the feelings you transformed into music, into their hearts and souls. Since we first started composing “The Lost Chapters”, we felt the need to experiment more and create something different from our two previous releases. Considering the final result and the way the people embraced our work, we feel our choices and intuitions were correct.

Eva, you are very pretty and your voice could very well blend with a more mainstream genre. Have you ever been tempted to leave metal behind and sing something more…commercial?
To be honest, I’m tempted to sing many different styles and even do this, to a certain extent. But no, I have no intention of leaving metal behind. I love the work we’ve done so far, I love to express myself through Dimlight,  and I truly believe the best is yet to come.

Which great rock or metal song would you have loved to have written yourselves, if you had to pick one?
Difficult question… Since all the members listen to a different music genres, I don’t think it’s possible to give just one answer.

Do you have plans for a future record? How long does it take after the release of a material for you to come up with new inspiration?

Our fourth album is already in the preproduction phase. When it comes to music, we are restless. The writing of an album is always a difficult stage and requires full commitment but it’s part of who we are. Concerning “The Lost Chapters”, we freed ourselves  in order to create a blend of every musical genre Dimlight members listen to. Of course we have always been attracted to “darkness”.

Speaking of inspiration, what has been inspiring you lately? Books, films, songs, bands?
Nice question. With regard to “The Lost Chapters”, we were attracted to Egyptian mythology and the origins of the goddess Hathor. Our lyricist drew inspiration from the pyramid texts, therefore, Hathor is not portrayed  as a goddess of love, joy and fertility, as most people see her generally, but as a bringer of bloodshed and vengeance upon mankind, a goddess who strayed from the path of the gods into the sin of blasphemy. The record is a concept album, a novel put into music and vice versa.

If you had to describe your music to someone who has never listened to you before, how would you define it?
Our sound has so many influences that make it difficult for us to characterize it. But if we absolutely had to, I would say Symphonic Death metal. But I don’t feel it covers all that we are.

Tell us something cool and totally unknown about Dimlight!
In a few months we will celebrate our tenth birthday and we are really happy about it. Moreover, it is the second time we visit Romania. It was back in 2009 when we came to your country for the first time, with the occasion of the Greek Alliance Tour, supporting our friends Septicflesh. We have so many beautiful memories from our last visit and we are really excited to be back again.

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