Justine Jones (Employed To Serve): „Our music is an outlet for the frustrations in our lives”

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We are close to get through a new decade, which also means that half of century of heavy metal will be over soon, according to Metal Hammer. Altough the numerous changes of genres throughout the years, we are not allowed to forget the present, which will inspire the generations to come. One of our bets for the future decade is the British band Employed To Serve, which will launch a new album, „Eternal Forward Motion” on May 10, via Spinefarm Records. We managed to realise an interview with Justine Jones, the vocalist of the band that in this moment is preparing for a tour to promote the new material. We discussed about the new album and the pure passion for touring, especially. We invite you to read more in the following lines:

Hello guys and welcome to Maximum Rock! Let’s give our readers a wider view on Employed To Serve by talking about how the band was put together and what your main influences are.

We started off as a two piece home recording project with a drum machine. We quickly realised that we wanted to start playing live and put a full band together and have been touring relentlessly ever since! Our main influences through the years have been Deftones, Botch and Norma Jean.

What’s the message behind Employed To Serve’ hardcore energy and fury? What does your music mean personally to you?

We represent the unmotivated and misrepresented people that are struggling to find their calling in life. We talk a lot about the issues of comparing yourself to others and having the lack of confidence to chase experiences and careers that you’re passionate about instead of getting stuck in the cycle of the 9-5 working day slog. Our music is an outlet for the frustrations in our lives.

How much has your sound changed and progressed across last years since your first album release, „Greyer Than You Remember” and how much have you changed as individuals?

I feel that our sound has developed massively in the past 5 years, I feel that we now know what you want to sound like as a band and we feel more confident with our song writing as individuals and as a band. Individually we grew up in this band, back when we were a home recording project I was only 19/20 and I’ve now just turned 27, I’m a completely different person to who I was back then and the lyrics as you go through the albums in chronological order shows this.

You are going to release a new album, called “Eternal Forward Motion”, via Spinefarm Records on May 10. Please tell us a bit about this album: what it represents for you and what should the listeners expect from it?

Lyrically the album is about the idea that time always moves forward, so no matter how bad things seem right now they always have the chance to change and improve later down the line. You’ll always wish you started doing the things you’ve always wanted yesterday so it’s never too late to change your trajectory in life. Sonically the album is our heaviest yet and our most confident.

What are some of the challenges or concerns you have been facing with recording and producing the record, if any? Also, what were some of the stuff you have been enjoying the most with it?

We had a really nice time recording this record, we went with Lewis Johns at The Ranch again as we liked working with him and he’s great at getting the best out of us. We really enjoyed seeing how to make the best sounding record and challenging ourselves to do better, we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What are some of the craziest and coolest things you have experienced at a live show or recording show so far?

The crowd reaction to our headline shows have been incredible, it’s so great seeing so many people know our songs. Our first ever appearance at download festival last year was a really special one for us, our tent was almost at capacity even though we were on earlier on in the day

You are seen by Spinefarm Records as a band that “can truly make a difference” in the international scene. Do you think that your new music could have a major impact throughout the new hardcore scene, along with bands like Code Orange or Cane Hill?

I think if we get the opportunity to play outside of Europe then we can definitely win more people over internationally. There is a high demand for new heavier bands so we can for sure be one of them!

You have a tour which kicked off in Europe, with Norma Jean, and you will be present at a few important festivals this summer. How do you usually prepare for the tours and what gets amped up?

We practice once a week and work out new intros and transitions into songs. In terms of before we play I have a portable speaker that blasts out our ‘hype’ playlist which gets us excited before playing, we have a healthy mix of Slipknot, Korn and Meshuggah on there! We aim to play as many new places and tour as much as possible. We love playing live so that’s all we want to do!

The interview was conducted with the help of Spinefarm Records. 

Special thanks to Frank Van Liempd & team. 

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