Johan Hegg has surprise birthday party on-stage during Amon Amarth’s concert in Bucharest, Romania

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The AMON AMARTH show from Bucharest, Romania, was not only a great success, both for the audience and for the band, but also an awesome occasion to celebrate.

Johan Hegg, the band’s lead singer, turned 41 on April 29th 2014, and, as suits any true metalhead, his birthday party took place on stage.

The organizers of the gig prepared an amazing surprise for Johan and, with the help of the vocalist’s band mates, stopped the show in order to bring Johan a chocolate cake, „accesorized” with flames, in a true metal tradition.

However, at the suggestion of his mates, a „Hello Kitty” candle was added to the desert, just to give the band members the chance to have a little fun on the tough musician’s behalf.

Nelu Brindusan, the Romanian promoter of the concert, climbed on stage and gave Johan his treat, together with a bottle of champagne, which the musician opened, much to the delight of the audience, that got showered with its foamy waves.

In the meanwhile, the fans were singing „Happy Birthday” to an excited Johan, who declared: „What a great way to spend your birthday!”.

After thanking everyone and promising to eat the cake later, Johan resumed the show and delivered a spectacular performance.

Watch the moment below:

The Amon Amarth gig which took place in Bucharest at Arenele Romane, is the band’s second performance in Romania. The first gig took place on November 19th, 2011.


The group will continue its tour with a gig in Sofia, Bulgaria. For the full dates, please CLICK here.

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